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Produced Water Society Seminar 2018


We’re happy and excited to let you know that we have been selected for a Stage Presentation at the Produced Water Society Seminar 2018 in Sugar Land, Texas, February 13 & 14.

What is the Produced Water Society Seminar all about?

The Produced Water Society is a collection of oil and gas professionals with the common mission to improve the management and disposition of produced water.

Through the discussion of best practices and the presentation of advanced solutions to dynamic obstacles, PWS fosters an environment where water professionals learn from one another in an open setting and where the entire industry thrives as a result.

The 28th Produced Water Society Seminar will feature technical presentations, panel discussions, round tables sessions, and an entire track dedicated to the booming midstream and unconventional operations servicing oil and gas production in the Permian Basin and other shale plays.

The Seminar gathers innovations from solutions providers, insights from market-leading operating companies, and the breakthrough business models creating a new paradigm for how the industry thinks about water.

What will our presentations be about?

Speaker: Jay Keener
Title of Presentation: Reducing chemical demand and preserving treated produced water quality using advanced aeration in the Permian Basin
Strand (2): Unconventional and Midstream Water Operations
Session: Best Practices in a Developing Market

Speaker: Justin Love
Title of Presentation: Steam Flood Nutshell Filter Optimization/Debottlenecking (TBC)
Strand (1): Developments in Produced Water Management
Session: Optimizing Water Handling

We invite you to join on February 13th & 14th at The Marriott Town Square in Sugar Land, Texas, for two days of focused technical discussion and networking.

If you would like to attend, please feel free to let us know your interest via e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you there!

-The XPS team

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