Xedia Process Solutions

XTB – High Capacity Oil Coalescence & Solids Filtration Media

Water Treatment Exclusive Technology
  • Naturally-mined mineral characterized by a high surface area, microporous structure
  • Under development and scale up for bulk media oilfield applications, requiring additional investment for further concept validation and field pilot testing
  • XPS has designed an optimized, proprietary mechanical design to package the media in standard 5kBPD and 30KBPD modules
  • Currently applied across the industry in light industrial and consumer applications with proven performance for removal of solids and oil from water
  • Lab results show 95+ % removal of O&G and TSS with inlets as high as 600ppm

Technical Specifications

Size Availability

Material Number Size Range (U.S. Mesh)  Size Range (Micron)
 XTB-0610  14 x 30  0595 – 1400

Physical Properties

 Color  14 x 30 Mesh
 Specific Gravity  2.0 – 2.4
 Hardness  3 – 5 MOHS
 Moisture  NMT 5% by weight

Value Proposition

  • Efficient removal of solids and oil from produced water remains the most prominent challenge for economic disposal or reuse of oilfield produced water
  • The standard technology for more “bulk” oil removal upstream of walnut shell filters is Induced Gas Flotation (IGF)
    • IGF’s exhibits challenges associated with oil droplet size limitations, quantities of slop oil/water generation, chemical requirements, and minimal solids removal capabilities
  • Xedia-XTB coalescing and filtration systems have the potential to replace Chemical Treatment + IGF + Nutshell Filter using only a single process step, thus:
    • Reducing CAPEX, OPEX, Effluent Waste Volume and Footprint
    • Maximizing Oil & Solids Removal
  • Significant potential for application in high viscosity applications,
    • e.g., Heavy oil and cEOR water treatment
Water Treatment Exclusive Technology

Proprietary Mechanical Design