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Jonathan M.Fabri


Based in Charleston, SC, Jonathan Fabri has nearly two decades experience working with a broad range of industrial water treatment technologies.  As a long-tenured employee of a specialty chemical Research and Development Organization, he has helped develop proprietary and patented product solutions for a variety of industrial treatment challenges.  With a focus on the removal of organic contaminants from process and wastewaters, Jonathan has application exposure to the equipment and systems used in the papermaking, mining, and oil & gas industries.

After developing a patented hydrocarbon removal filtration media, he began creating novel ways to apply the technology in the groundwater remediation, marine bilgewater, and upstream oil & gas markets.  Lessons learned from working with this technology led Jonathan and his team to build a suite of unique media filtration products capable of removing hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and solids from aqueous systems.

Having overseen the construction of water treatment technologies from lab testing to pilot testing to production and field integration, he is familiar with the challenges of the product development process.  Jonathan holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the College of Charleston where he was inducted into the international honor society of business schools, Beta Gamma Sigma.