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Happy New Year

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Our team would like to wish you a very happy new year. It seems that with a slowly increasing and, most importantly, stabilizing oil price, 2018 is off to a pretty good start for our industry. As the Xedia team reflects on our progress over a challenging, yet fulfilling 2017, we’d like to share some of the latest highlights with you.

  • Our XOP polishing technology successfully outperformed the industry status quo in several different applications across (3) countries. If you use consumable polishing technology (including activated carbon) for produced water, ask us how we can improve performance and lower your operating costs with our drop-in brownfield replacements.
  • Our XDN modified nutshell media has now been implemented at (11) locations across (3) countries. It has consistently demonstrated improved water quality, even operating at much higher flux than the design specifications for standard nutshell media.  Are you looking to get more capacity, better water quality (TSS and OIW removal), or both out of your nutshell filter? Ask us about our case studies on drop-in replacement of standard nutshell media with XDN modified media.
  • We’ve added a new patented Aeration technology to our portfolio. We are using this system to pre-treat produced water in reuse applications and to preserve water quality in treated/fresh water storage ponds in West Texas and New Mexico. The system is unparalleled in its ability to supersaturate water with dissolved oxygen while simultaneously maximizing circulation of the full body of water. If you’re interested in reducing chemical costs for iron precipitation or in preserving quality of treated water, contact us to find out more.
  • We are now offering full service treatment of produced water for reuse in West Texas and New Mexico with our robust, flexible, high-capacity per footprint process: XTreat. This is our novel approach to taking any produced/flowback water to specs as low as <1 ppm iron. Our knowledge of chemistry and patented mechanical separation technologies have uniquely positioned us to meet operator demands.

We are more than excited to hit the ground running and help our customers achieve desired water qualities, lower costs, and protect the environment on an even larger scale in 2018.  Xedia hopes to be a part of your amazing year to come.

All the best,

-The XPS team

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